The IPG Partners

International Programs Group (IPG), Affirmative Risk Management (ARM), and Claims Management Inc. (CMI) have come together as one North American TPA provider. With over 50 years’ experience in the London TPA market, we have combined our resources to provide a unique solution for the London delegated authority market.

The IPG Partners provide data collection, analytics, broadened customer service support, and simplified oversight of delegated authorities. Your team will have access to information from our best-in-class TPA experts across Canada and the United States (U.S.); industry professionals who have spent years developing a depth of knowledge relative to the unique Lloyd’s service, compliance, and reporting needs.

By providing more than just raw data, we give our client partners information that you can use to improve programs, underwrite more successful business, visually identify high-risk exposure areas, validate data, and ensure multijurisdictional compliance oversight with high tech automated controls, and more.

Working with the IPG Partners gives you access to:

Dashboards and Data Insight

The IPG Partners will create a personalized dashboard giving you access to key information at a glance. Mapping, statistical information, usage reports, or a view of movement across territories, all fully customizable to fit your business needs, and provide you with relevant information at your fingertips. In a world overrun with data, having instant and real-time insight is a game changer.

Proprietary Database and Management System of Independent Adjusters (IAs) and Vendors

The IPG Partners track vendor, sub-processor, and business partner details, including a rating system and performance reporting to customizable KPI’s. Compliance made simple by having all valued partners under a single compliance portal and updated to provide timely updates and notifications. The IPG Partners bring all your IA and Vendor needs together in one place. We find it, we manage it, and we bring it all to you, saving you valuable time and expense.

Mutual Aid Plan

Mutual Aid is an upfront understanding that certain events can overwhelm resources, and when extra capacity is needed, it’s needed immediately. The IPG Partners offer mutual aid capabilities in the event of natural disasters or catastrophes which may tax the resources of other TPA’s. Nine geographically diverse TPA locations allow redundant service operations and business continuity in both infrastructure and human assets at our immediate disposal. Working with the London delegated authority market, our Mutual Aid plan is founded on recognizing exposures long in advance of an imminent threat. 

Employee Exchange Program

We offer an EEP tailor-made to your needs, interests, and lines of business. This innovative program presents select employees with the opportunity to learn from our talented employees in a broad range of specialities; this gives the employee valuable on-the-job training and first-hand insight into our business. We will immerse your employees in one of our North American-based offices or send our key employees to London to gain a deeper understanding of how business is transacted. They will spend a stimulating and rewarding time developing an understanding of a TPA’s role in the Lloyd’s Marketplace by participating in the day-to-day claims handling and operations of a North American TPA. 

Due Diligence and Audit

The IPG Partners will help you reduce the amount of time spent completing annual compliance and audit documentation. Our due diligence and compliance experts will help guide you through this process and provide the necessary North American documents. In addition, our auditors are trained to use audit results to help you identify knowledge gaps and use this information to create training modules specific to your organization.

Advisory Council

The IPG Partners have formed an Advisory Council. The Council plays an integral role in the strategy and operations of how well we are performing and where improvements can be made. Council members will help shape the Partners’ direction on claims and related services in the Lloyd’s marketplace and provide counsel on strategic, operational, and financial direction.

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