MI Reporting

MI Reporting

Successful partnerships are built on trust and we work continuously to earn yours by providing monthly Management Information (MI) reports. Not only do MI reports provide you with detailed information of the way we’re handling your portfolio, but they also provide you with information often requested by your stakeholders.

MI reports will provide you with information about our:

  • File handling and quality
  • Reserving and severity
  • Cost analysis
  • Cycle times
  • Any other data you require

Our claims management system is powerful, so we have the ability to report on an unlimited number of metrics and can add data capture fields that measure our compliance with your desired service level agreements. Working with you at the outset, we’ll program our system to capture the data you want so that the MI reports provide you with exactly the information you need. Think of it as your guarantee that we’re doing what we’ve promised.

Contact us to learn more about our Management Information reports.

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