Examining/Litigation Management

Local Examiners you can Trust

When a claim occurs in Canada, you need to know that you’ve got the right person on the ground handling it for you. Leveraging networks of professional contacts across the country, our examiners understand the local environment as needed and work within the Lloyd’s requirements for claims handling. We also manage binding authority.

Acting entirely on your behalf, our examiners review the claim, confirm coverage, set reserves, and provide instructions to approved adjusters and counsel. Working with local service providers, our examiners ensure that you get the information you require exactly the way you want it.

Fully licensed with each provincial regulatory body, our examiners manage files according to your claims and reserving philosophy, maintaining consistency and providing you with peace of mind

Consider IPG’s examiners an extension of your organization, working entirely on your behalf in Canada. Contact us to learn more about our local examining services.

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