Emergency Claims Services (ECS)

Emergency Claims Services

Not all losses happen during normal business hours. IPG’s bilingual and Canada-wide Emergency Claims Services (ECS) provide the coverage you need when the unexpected happens after hours. With specialty programs available 24/7 and response standards specific to your needs, IPG’s ECS provides seamless coverage so you can be confident that your callers are taken care of even when you're not there.

As part of its ECS, IPG provides a dedicated, branded, North America-wide toll-free number for you to publish and distribute to your customers. We'll greet your callers the way you want them greeted and ask them the questions that you want asked. Summarized Call Reports are generated from every call we receive and our leading-edge call centre software triages and distributes them back to your organization, to the people and places you specify.

If your caller needs to speak with an adjuster right away, we'll patch them through directly to one in their immediate area. Our panel of licensed on-call adjusters provide expert mitigation advice, using your company's preferred vendor lists. If emergency attendance is warranted, they'll be right out to handle it and abide by your handling instructions while doing so. Then they'll send you a detailed summary report before 9:00 am the next business day.

Interested? Contact us to inquire about IPG’s ECS solution.

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