IPG’s TPA Services

Acting as the internal claims department for our clients, we take care of:

  • Emergency Claims Services (ECS)
  • Desktop Adjusting
  • Risk Management
  • MI Reporting
  • Claims Intake and Triage
  • Examining/Litigation Management
  • Financial Management
  • Branding
  • Claims Audit
  • Open Market Triage Centre

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IPG Examiners are powered by iAdjust, an industry-leading Web-based claims and data management platform. iAdjust allows IPG’s clients to stay updated on file activity with real-time interactive access via a secure Web portal, automated electronic notifications of claims activities, and customized data capture and reporting. This proprietary system provides the added value of:

  • Efficient claims information handling
  • Customized management/client programs
  • Off-site client access (fully Web-enabled)
  • Specialized data services, gathering, and distribution
  • Underwriter data tracking
  • Risk management information gathering, distribution, and analysis
  • Loss categorization by policy, type of loss, severity of loss, etc.
  • Technological consulting and support

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