About Us

IPG’s History

IPG was formed in 2008 when Mr. Patrick Scott was asked to assume responsibility of the existing TPA accounts within SCM Insurance Services. Mr. Scott was joined by Ms. Blue Schindler to lead operations and help build IPG as a separate company. At the time this handful of accounts was administered by three employees. Today, IPG is made up of 56 full-time employees across Canada, and Mr. Scott and Ms. Schindler are actively involved in the day-to-day management of IPG staff and claims.

Mr. Scott and Ms. Schindler have extensive loss adjusting experience and substantive knowledge of the insurance business. They have both owned their own firms, and lead IPG with an entrepreneurial style. Mr. Scott and Ms. Schindler have created a claims management program that has been refined and customized to meet specific requirements of the London market.

Who is IPG?

Today IPG has garnered Canada’s largest network of independent adjusting firms across the country. Operating out of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, each office is staffed with specialized senior examiners and qualified desktop examiners who are fully conversant with Lloyd’s service levels and terms of engagement. We have regional expertise and are licensed in all Canadian provinces.

We have also developed a roster of service providers including lawyers, engineers, surveyors, contractors, and content replacement specialists, chosen for their excellence, value, and familiarity with the London market. All of our professionals are required to maintain exceptional service standards for each assignment, regardless of size.

Why IPG?

Dedicated Services
We are a team that dedicates 100% of our time and talents to providing services to the international market and self-insured entities, and as such, are thoroughly familiar with the London market. We are responsive and have the capacity to handle emergency and CAT situations.

Claims Handled By the Best Person for the Job, Regardless of Affiliations
Our clients trust us to act as an extension of their business and provide the best services possible. We live up to those expectations by leveraging top professionals from national and regional boutique firms—not just our own.

In fact, it’s our mandate to provide the best adjuster for the claim, regardless of the firm for which that person works. This is how our clients know they’re getting the best services possible.

Our Claims Handling Philosophy

Guided by a claims handling philosophy that has evolved from years of experience in the London market, our examining teams strive to be fair and respectful, to adhere to the rules, and communicate with clarity. We endeavour to keep an eye on the big picture, keeping all parties in mind without losing sight of the important details so that valid, reasonable claims can be settled as promptly, economically, and professionally as possible.

More specifically, our claims handling philosophy involves:

  • An aggressive, proactive, and thorough investigation of each and every claim
  • Timeliness in claim handling and adjusting
  • Detailed claims documentation with electronic notes
  • Manager supervision, guidance, and input in the claims process
  • Appropriate management of claims expenses
  • Management that is active and involved in the litigation process
  • Timeliness in loss reserving according to our clients’ respective reserve philosophies
  • Valuating claims properly and economically
  • Payment of claims only where insured or insurer is legally liable
  • Realistic claims reserving in accordance with client guidelines and philosophy
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